About Us

Why Choose Us?

SOMIDAX is offering a decentralized social interactive marketplace service platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a new business model for social P2P interaction as well as buying and selling of products and service. Somidax Platform will use existing grid and optimize current operations that are costly and inefficient while User-friendly develop applications is offered to secure mainstream adoption of our service.

Our Services

Somidax is a FREE messaging chat app that gets you connected, be informed and chat unlimited real-time which is available for Android 4.0 and above plus other Smartphone’s.
Multi-signature HD wallet · Built for Bitcoin and other digital asset and tokens· Simple to use · Powerful and Secure · Quick and decentralized registration with high level of protection while doing business on a P2P environment.
A global fulfillment trade center for buying of products available from choice brands of needs using digital assets and tokens as well as fiat without limitation of doing business in a decentralizes somidax marketplace platform.

Meet Our Team

Oyemi Victor

Oyemi Victor - Founder

Over Eleven years of cross functional work experience in technical field Service, Information technology. Business Development, Efficient in QHSE.

Hamza Ijaz

Hamza Ijaz - Team Lead

A Self-directed, Problem Solver, Certified WEB Application developer with and graduated in Computer Science. Design, Build, Test & Deploy All kinds Of Web Apps

Opara Gloria

Bar. Opara Gloria(Mrs) - Legal/HR Adviser

A very creative, analytical and result oriented person. A certified recruitment professional, very passionate about Recruitment, always committed to adding value.

Somidax Digital Lab Foundation

Somidax Digital Lab Foundation

Somidax is founded under the principle of offering users a creative stepping off reliability platform that they can be free to express themselves and show off their self-creativity.